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Nov 15, 2021 in Digital



In the world of this digital era, Indian businesses and SMEs are trying to elevate their process of running their organization which is why they are starting to digitize themselves. This transformation is helping them in growing and scaling their business activities. Further, the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns situation made them understand that they don't have to depend on selling their products or services only through physical platforms. But they can do the same thing also by starting selling through online platforms directly or indirectly. And this activity will add more value to their organizations.

So for these things to happen, they need to do multiple new business activities on Internet as well. And in doing so, they will need many software solutions. And sometimes they have to do their work on the browser only. As per the statistics, Google Chrome is the one browser that captures the largest market share of 85.97% in India. Many businesses are using Google chrome for doing their multiple business activities. So, they should start using Google Chrome Extension tools to ease out their work.

What is an Extension or Google Chrome Extension?

To give you all a little idea about the Google Chrome Extension, as many of you may not know about it. The Google Chrome Extension or Extensions, in general, are simple tools that are created in such a way to enhance the web browser's functionality while you are working on it.

Further, I think you all may be wondering why we should not use the software in place of extensions. The answer to this is that the Google Chrome Extensions are very easy to install and use. Plus, there is more benefit like you can easily take a test drive of an extension. And if you don't like it, you can easily remove it by just using your left-click button on the chrome extension and selecting the "Remove from Chrome" option.

So the reason you all came to this article is to know about the Google Chrome Extensions. And how it can help you in your daily business activities. Let's not waste your time further. Here are some of the Google Chrome Extensions which SMEs can use for their daily businesses activities.

1. Grammarly.

The Grammarly tool is one of the best lifesavers which every person needs. The reason why I am saying this is that it helps in your every writing task.

Grammarly Google Chrome Extension

It helps in the email, report, office documents, write-up preparation, and every other thing. It automatically checks every aspect of your writing, including grammar, spelling, and other common issues.

If you use their web app platform, it helps you to create, copy-paste your write-up in their editor. And by analyzing your document advises you on the components you need to change.

But if we talk about Grammarly's Google Chrome Extension, it gives you much more of an advantage.

If you use it regularly for writing up your emails, it will suggest you on your email platform only the best words to use in it. Plus, it will highlight all your errors and also the tone you are writing in your mail.

So that is why I say it is a lifesaver for SMEs. Because it helps in writing professional emails without any grammatical errors.

2. Ghostery.

The next thing which every user on the internet must have is an ad-blocking tool. And the Ghostery is one such complex ad-blocking extension.

Ghostery Google Chrome Extension

It removes all the distracting ad content while you are working on the browser. Further, it helps in securing all your data like personal and business-related information these ads are tracking.

Ghostery Chrome extension helps to speed up web page load time and ultimately improve your browsing experience.

3. Evernote Web Clipper.

Many a time while, working and browsing over the internet, you all must have found an important image or graph. But you were not able to comfortably take a screenshot. And it could serve you in some of your business work.

Evernote Google Chrome Extension

So, to help you with that, Evernote Web Clipper is there.

It helps you take screenshots easily of anything on the web. Plus, it can make you do some edits on the image.

4. HTTPS Everywhere.

While working on the internet, you all have experienced that some sites are not fully secured. And this is because there are not have HTTPS website protocols that ensure the website to be secure.

HTTPS Everywhere Google Chrome Extension

Also, you all have seen it at the starting tag of many of the website URLs. So the HTTPS Everywhere Google Chrome Extension rewrites the request you send to any website you visit in Chrome. And this helps in making your browser produce the secure version of that site.

5. TranZact-Tally Integration.

Tally integration browser extension for TranZact

Every SME and company understand the need for automating and digitizing the business by now. And to help you in this aspect, TranZact is one such tool that is taking the initiative of digitizing the Indian SME and manufacturing sector.

TranZact is a digital transformation tool and platform for SMEs to digitize business processes right, from customer inquiry to dispatch. And Tally is one of the best accounting tools which is used worldwide by small businesses and companies.

Read more about - How Tally & TranZact together useful for SMEs.

So to provide the organizations the benefit of digitizing their core business activities and getting their real-time accounts to update. The TranZact-Tally Integration Google Chrome Extension is of great use.

The companies can easily prepare their documents like Purchase, Sales, Payment, Receipt Vouchers on TranZact

The companies can easily prepare their documents like Purchase, Sales, Payment, Receipt Vouchers on TranZact. And after that, using this extension can update their accounting on Tally on a real-time basis.

Now, while ending this blog, we hope that this Google Chrome Extension list may be helpful for you all.


TranZact is a team of IIT & IIM graduates who have developed a GST compliant, cloud-based, inventory management software for SME manufacturers. It digitizes your entire business operations, right from customer inquiry to dispatch. This also streamlines your Inventory, Purchase, Sales & Quotation management processes in a hassle-free user-friendly manner. The software is free to signup and gets implemented within a week.