Manage All Your
Buyers & Suppliers Data Easily

Leave behind obsolete & painfully-slow manual processes to upload vendor data. Manage your buyer & supplier relationships with exceptional ease on TranZact's automated dashboard.

Buyer and Supplier Management Was Never More Simple.

The first step of all your manufacturing processes is to have your buyer & supplier data in place. In order to take you through this first step quickly, we have a dedicated module for managing buyers and suppliers.

  • Bulk Upload
  • Quick Add/ Edit
  • More Details
  • Network Tags
  • Upload all your buyer and supplier details with a simple, downloadable template with pre-fixed columns.

  • Easily edit or add data for any buyer/ supplier company. You can mark a company type as a buyer, supplier or as both.

  • Add/ edit contact details such as mobile number, additional user details, delivery location, billing address & more.

  • You can label your important counter parties with Network Tags, in order to access them quickly at any point of time.

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  • What can I do with the buyers and suppliers module in TranZact?

    With TranZact's buyers and suppliers module you can manage all your counterparty data on a single platform, without worrying about missing out on any important information. Features like bulk data and network tags help you to save time and organize voluminous data in a simple manner.

  • Why is it important to manage buyers and suppliers in a business?

    Managing buyers and suppliers is important in a business because it helps to ensure better price negotiation, improved delivery times, order quality and effective address management of buyer or supplier. It also facilitates a steady flow of inventory while supporting proactive identification of potential issues to reduce risks and increase business efficiency.


TranZact is a team of IIT & IIM graduates who have developed a GST compliant, cloud-based, inventory management software for SME manufacturers. It digitizes your entire business operations, right from customer inquiry to dispatch. This also streamlines your Inventory, Purchase, Sales & Quotation management processes in a hassle-free user-friendly manner. The software is free to signup and gets implemented within a week.