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Jul 23, 2021 in ERP for SME Manufacturers



What is Oracle?

Oracle is an American Multinational Software company that offers Enterprise software products, database software and technologies, and cloud engineered systems. The Enterprise Software products provide ERP solutions that help in Human Resource Management, Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Planning Management, and Supply Chain Management.

Oracle Corporation was founded in 1977 by Larry EllisonBob Miner, and Ed Oates under the name Software Development Laboratories (SDL). Also, Oracle provides Database Management Services that help maintain the online transactions and manage the workloads in the system. 

What is TranZact?

TranZact is a zero-effort Digital Transformation tool that helps in digitizing the entire business process right from Inquiry to Sales & Dispatch. It is not just a Traditional ERP or Inventory Management software but is very much different from them. Because TranZact also provides all the benefits and features of ERP and Inventory Management software like streaming of all business processes, faster documentation, inventory management, and financial assistance.

IIT and IIM graduates founded TranZact in 2017. The main idea behind TranZact is that every Indian SME and Traditional Businesses should take a step forward in Digitalizing themselves entirely. And so they can achieve great fortune. Also, they can contribute successfully to the Digital India initiative of the country.

Comparison Between Oracle & TranZact

Oracle V/S TranZact: Complete comparison

Oracle V/S TranZact: Which is Best Software for SMEs?

  1. Product Availability - Oracle provides its software solutions both on Cloud and On-Premise basis for its all type of users. TranZact provides its software on a Cloud basis to its users and uses Amazon AWS cloud service provider to ensure security for it.
  2. UserBase - Oracle is best suitable for mid-size businesses and large corporations. It suits the need of organizations that have users around 50 to 100+ users. TranZact is suitable for small and medium enterprises and Manufacturing concerns. Organizations that have around 5 to 30 users are using TranZact, and it suits their needs. 
  3. Software Implementation - Oracle ERP solutions implementation process is lengthy and takes around 11 to 14 months to fully complete. Proper planning is done regarding which modules are to get implemented in the organization, so it takes a long time. TranZact implementation process takes around 2 weeks. Also, their team guides the users throughout the implementation process.
  4. Pricing - Oracle provides all the ERP modules in its solutions which are only used by large companies and not small enterprises, so their pricing policy is high compared to others. TranZact believes in their Freemium policy, so they offer the product for unlimited access for Free.


From the above discussion, it is very much clear that Oracle is helpful software and is of great use for Large corporations. Also, it is complex software, so requires trained users for using it. The cost and time for setting it up are very much high. And due to these issues, it is not suitable for SMEs and Traditional Businesses. But for TranZact, comes out as the best alternative for small and medium-scale businesses. And it can provide for all the business needs in the best possible way.

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TranZact is a team of IIT & IIM graduates who have developed a GST compliant, cloud-based, inventory management software for SME manufacturers. It digitizes your entire business operations, right from customer inquiry to dispatch. This also streamlines your Inventory, Purchase, Sales & Quotation management processes in a hassle-free user-friendly manner. The software is free to signup and gets implemented within a week.