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A reliable and accurate export invoice format is essential for SME business owners that are in the manufacturing and export business. Explore this guide for a range of export invoice formats and select the one that suits your business best!

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What Is GST Export Invoice?

A GST export invoice is a mandatory document used in international trade to document the export of goods or services and to claim an input tax credit under the Goods and Services Tax (GST) system in India.

Whenever a product leaves the shores of the country of manufacture, it is considered an export. When a company is in the import or export line of work, it means they are in the business of having goods sent across international borders. The manufacturer and seller of the product are required by law to ensure that each consignment is sent along with a GST export invoice.

This invoice needs to include all the details about the shipment. It must declare the details of the goods, and the contact details of the buyer, for the reference of customs agents when it comes to cross-border transactions.

How to Create a GST Export Invoice Format?

A GST export invoice format requires a few steps to be followed in order to be compliant and legally acceptable. Here are a few steps to follow to ensure you are producing a viable export invoice format.

  • You can create an export invoice format in Excel or Microsoft Word.
  • Open up a new document and choose an invoice format that suits your business.
  • Once you have chosen this GST export invoice format, download the document and save it.
  • In the top section of the invoice, give a clear mention of your GST number.
  • This section should also include the unique ID number for this invoice and the date of issuance.
  • The next section should include your contact information and the contact details of the buyer next to it.
  • The main section of the GST export invoice format is where you need to include all the details of the shipment such as product, quantity, number of units, and price per unit.
  • Make sure you have a row that shows the total amount due, with all applicable taxes.
  • The last section needs to include a space for your payment terms and conditions, along with a space for the signature of your signing authority.
  • Why Do Small Businesses Need GST Export Invoice Format

    As a small business owner, it is essential to the success of your business that you have a clear record and complete understanding of all past transactions. Regardless of the size of operations, even small businesses need to ensure they are fully compliant with the rules and regulations of the relevant authorities.

    If you are in the business of exporting goods across international borders, the need for being compliant with the rules of the destination country also becomes essential. As a small business owner, a GST export invoice format will ensure you have a clear view of every sale made and also have full visibility over all the taxes that have been applied and paid for.

    From a tax compliance perspective, maintaining a consistent record of all your export transactions is essential so that you are not unintentionally breaking any rules that may result in unwanted penalties

    Features of TranZact's GST Export Invoice Format

    TranZact has been designed to help Indian SME manufacturers with each and every aspect of their business operations. It is dedicated to making work easier and more efficient for SMEs by digitizing end-to-end operations. Here's a look at some of the key features of TranZact's GST export invoice format:

    • Generate GST export invoice

      TranZact's automation solution allows you to easily access a commercial invoice for export that is GST-complaint. It enables you to create a professional export invoice under GST with just a few clicks, which you can share with your client without excessive manual dependency.

    • Fully customizable templates

      TranZact is specially designed for the Indian manufacturing industry and it understands that not all businesses within this industry have the same set of requirements. TranZact makes it easy for you to add custom fields and create an export invoice sample that can be used by your internal teams consistently. These formats serve as an ideal starting point and you can easily alter the details to ensure all the elements of your transaction are captured and given the visibility they need.

    • Easy tracking mechanisms

      Once you have used TranZact to generate an export invoice, it is auto-recorded and captured on the TranZact dashboard. Making use of TranZact will ensure you have all your export invoice formats under GST in one place, easily accessible, and completely transparent. When you start operating at a scale, this feature will be essential as it makes tracking all your expenses very easy.

    • Expert accounting integration

      TranZact offers seamless integration with Tally and BUSY accounting software so that you can continue using your existing accounting applications without worrying about shifting to a different application altogether. Using TranZact, you can create and generate a new GST export invoice format effortlessly, send these across to your clients, track the activity on that particular invoice, and follow up for payments when necessary.

      There is no limit to how many invoices you can generate and regardless of the scale of your operations, TranZact will provide you with the best digitization solutions at each and every stage.

    • Sophisticated order tracking

      Aside from tracking all the expenses, TraZact offers an easy way for you to track all the orders that have come in. Once an order is placed and fulfilled, you can rely on TranZact to track all the activity of that order across the transaction journey.

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    • Is GST charged on an export invoice?

      As per Indian laws, GST cannot be levied on the export invoice when exporting any kind of good across international borders as exports are considered zero-rated supplies under the GST regime. This means that the goods or services exported are not subject to GST in the country of origin. However, exporters are required to comply with certain GST regulations and procedures

    • Is HSN mandatory for an export invoice?

      <a herf="/blogs/hsn-code">HSN</a>, which stands for Harmonized System of Nomenclature, is mandatory for export invoices and can be up to 8 digits, as per government regulations.

    • What is the difference between an export invoice and a commercial invoice?

      There is a difference between an export invoice and a commercial invoice as the commercial invoice is used to document the sale of goods or services between a buyer and a seller, while an export invoice is used to document the shipment of goods to a foreign country.


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