Taurus Packaging
reduced production overhead costs with TranZact

By embracing automation in key processes & multilevel BOM, Taurus Packaging enabled production control & minimized manual errors.


Increase in customer satisfaction


Costs saved in inventory optimization


Reduction in production delays


Taurus Packaging is a specialty packaging company leading the Indian shrink sleeves & label packaging market. It offers protection solutions along with structural & graphic design for branded marketing purposes. As the largest heat shrink sleeves & label company in India and Asia, Taurus provides reliable packaging solutions for home & personal care, food & beverage, healthcare, pharmaceutical & dairy markets in India.

industry :

Packaging & Plastics

Company Size (No. of Employees) :


Location :

Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

Use Case :

Production, inventory & order management control.


  • Lack of ticket tracking mechanism
  • Inadequate reporting
  • Absence of personalization in documentation

Inefficient Assembly Lines & Complex Procurement Cycles

Taurus Packaging required to work with multiple suppliers across diverse assembly lines, in order to meet high demand. Although high demand was a good challenge, they faced concerns such as inconsistent production schedules, limited flexibility and anticipated raw material shortages leading to longer lead times and rising costs.

The company needed to capitalize on streamlined quotations, inventory, logistics and freight processes in order to gain improved control over the business.

Adopting a Highly-Flexible Production Module With TranZact

Our team at TranZact introduced Taurus Packaging to a centralized approach for production. This enabled them to manage all data and programs on centralized servers with remote access.

We brought advanced Material Resource Planning (MRP), barcode integration, and multilevel BOM automation features that let our client attain the desired level of control and productivity.

Increased manufacturing speed & accuracy

With TranZact, the company was able to leverage well-planned production schedules order by order, reduced inventory levels and shortages.

They could also ensure quick access to critical information quickly, make better decisions and deliver timely orders.

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