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Best Purchase Order Format Templates – Download Excel & PDF Formats For FREE

By Team TranZact | Published on Dec 5, 2023

Businesses use the purchase order format to get services or products from their suppliers or vendors. It is used by all types of businesses, whether it is small or established. If you don't use and keep records of purchase orders, then it can cause problems for your inventory and financial management. There are many purchase order formats available to download for free. You can download purchase order formats in Excel, Word, Doc, PDF, etc., and use it for your business.

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It is a simple process but very beneficial for inventory, financial, and overall business growth. In this article, we will explain purchase orders in detail by exploring everything related to it. So, read further to get an understanding of the purchase order format, and use it to manage your business more efficiently.

What Is A Purchase Order?

A purchase order is a document that business owners or relevant authorities make to fulfil their product or service requirements. After that, they send the purchase order to their suppliers or vendors for the delivery of desired products or services. It helps prevent misunderstandings between businesses and suppliers. You can create a simple purchase order format in Excel, MS Word, PDF, and more, and you can also download templates for free. If you make the format on your own, then make sure to add all the necessary details like the name of the products, their quantity, expected delivery date, etc.

How Does A Purchase Order Work?

When business owners or persons authorized to manage inventory identify the need for extra raw materials, products, or services, they fill their requirements in purchase order format.

  • Then they send the purchase order document to their suppliers or vendors.
  • When suppliers receive the purchase order, they check their inventory to see whether all the products are available or not.
  • After that, suppliers accept the orders and send demanded products or services at a price that is profitable for both parties.

If you discuss all the terms and conditions with your suppliers in advance, then you can experience a hassle-free purchase order process.

How To Write A Purchase Order?

Writing a purchase order is a simple task that you can easily do. Each purchase order format India is similar and includes businesses and their supplier details, name of products or services, their quantity, etc. You can also mention when you want the order to be delivered.

  • Firstly, you need to identify the products or services required for your business.
  • Then, make a purchase order letter format in Word, Excel, or PDF, and you can also download the form template for free.
  • Fill in all the details in the format, such as your business name and address, Supplier name and address, expected delivery date, name of products and their quantities, and other essential details.
  • Cross-check all the details, and once you are assured that everything is mentioned in the order, you can send it to your supplier or vendor.

What Are The Steps Involved In Creating A Purchase Order?

There are several steps involved in creating a purchase order.

  1. Identify the products or services: The first step involves inventory analysis to identify the products or services that you want to order from your suppliers. You may need one or many products to run your business smoothly.
  2. Create or download purchase order format: You can create a purchase order format on your own to fill in all the details of products or services required for your business. If you think it is a tough task for you, then simply choose the purchase order format in Excel free download and use that to fill in your order details.
  3. Select your supplier: Choose a supplier or vendor from whom you want to buy products or services for your business. You should choose one whom you can rely on for order fulfilment on time. You should also analyse who can sell you products or services at discounted prices.
  4. Fill details and cross-check information: Once you create or download the purchase order format, fill in all the details like your business name and address, your supplier’s name and address, name of products, quantity of products, etc. After writing all the information, cross-check all the details to make sure that everything is correct.
  5. Send your purchase order: After identifying the required products or services, choosing your supplier, creating the purchase order format, and filling in all the details, you can send the purchase order to your supplier or vendor.

Format For Purchase Order Form Template

Format for the purchase order form is similar for all types of businesses; therefore, you can download form templates of purchase order format PDF, doc, or Excel for convenience. Let us explore the details that are required in a purchase order format for better purchase order management.

  1. Business name and address: On the left side of the format, the business name with address needs to be mentioned in a purchase order format.
  2. Supplier’s name and address: Supplier's name and address should also be mentioned on the top of the template form of the purchase order.
  3. Ship-to details: Businesses may need the required products or services at your warehouse or other location. When the ship-to address is mentioned in the purchase order format, it becomes convenient for the supplier to send your order to the right location.
  4. Details of Products or Services: Rows and columns are made in the form template of the purchase order where you need to fill in product or service details. Start with the serial number in the first row and the product name, quantity of products, agreed price per unit, and total price in the following rows.
  5. Additional conditions or requests: You can write additional conditions or requests in the format to avoid any misunderstanding with your supplier or vendor.
  6. Signature of relevant authority: When the purchase order is created, the signature of the business owner or relevant authority is required before sending it to the supplier.

Types Of Purchase Orders

There are four types of purchase orders. Businesses use all types of purchase orders according to their needs, requirements, and convenience. 1 Standard Purchase Orders (PO) It is the most common type of purchase order, and it is used for one-time purchases. It includes all the details of businesses, suppliers, products, quantity of products, and pricing. 2 Planned Purchase Orders (PPO) These are similar to standard purchase orders but have more details. Businesses plan for their future orders and mention all the details in the purchase order format doc or Excel, and when the time comes, they release the document. 3 Blanket Purchase Orders (BPO) This type of purchase order is used when businesses agree to buy certain products or services from a supplier. You have to discuss the terms and conditions with your supplier in advance to use blanket purchase orders. 4 Contract Purchase Orders (CPO) This is a type of purchase order that is used when businesses and their suppliers collaborate for a long-term deal. Types of products, pricing details, delivery dates, and other essential factors are discussed and agreed upon by business owners and their suppliers.

Purchase Order with TranZact

A purchase order is a very important factor in inventory management and financial management for all types of businesses. You can download the purchase order format for free, and you can also create it on your own. We have explained all the details of purchase orders that can help you run your business more efficiently. You should know that TranZact is a leading company that helps businesses to run smoothly and effortlessly. Whether you need a purchase order format, purchase order software, or other advanced software to run your business, Tranzact will provide you with everything. So, don't hesitate to contact us, get help, run your business smoothly, and increase your profit.


Q1 How purchase order is beneficial for businesses?

Purchase orders benefit businesses by helping in inventory management, preventing misunderstandings with suppliers, and providing a clear record of purchases.

Q2 What are the different types of Purchase orders?

There are four types of purchase orders;

  • Standard purchase orders
  • Planned purchase orders
  • Blanket purchase orders
  • Contract purchase orders.

Q3 Which is the most common type of purchase order?

The most common type of purchase order is the Standard Purchase Order, which is widely used for one-time purchases. It includes all the details of businesses, suppliers, products, quantity of products, and pricing.

Q4 What Information is in a Purchase Order Form Template?

A purchase order form template includes key information like business and supplier details, shipping information, details of the products or services, any additional conditions or requests, and the signature of the relevant authority.

Q5 What information should be included in a purchase order for better clarity?

A comprehensive purchase order should include essential details such as:

  • Business Name and Address
  • Supplier Information
  • Product or Service Details
  • Quantity of Products Or Services
  • Agreed Upon Prices
  • Expected Delivery Dates
  • Additional Terms or Conditions.

Q6 Do all businesses use the same purchase order format?

No, not all businesses use the same purchase order format, but basic elements like product details and quantities are mentioned in all purchase order formats.

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