ERP Software for Manufacturers

TranZact is a manufacturing ERP built in India, that understands your business needs like no one else does! It automates sales, purchases, quotations, inventory, and production, enabling you to reduce production costs, track inventory, and enhance productivity.

Because, it offers everything that an ERP does, but also offers a lot more!

Saves Time | Simple, 100% Implementation in 7 Days | Easy To Use | Trusted by 10,000+ SMEs

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Features of TranZact Manufacturing ERP Software

  • Demand Forecasting

    TranZact ERP software for manufacturers provides intelligent dashboards to comprehend and analyze historic business data related to transactions, inventory, and accounts through visually appealing graphs and charts for easy interpretation, consumption, and forecast

  • Material Requirements Planning

    TranZact"s manufacturing ERP software offers accurate material estimation, realtime MRP reports, customizable column views, pre-set Minimum Stock Levels(MSL), and live alerts for stock replenishment. It enables smooth management of delivery timing aligned with material requirements for improved efficiency

  • Bill of Material

    Access both single-level and multi-level Bill of Material (BOM) to know how much material was estimated to be used, how much was actually used, how much was tested, and how much has passed, along with accurate BOM costing.

  • Outsourcing or Sub-Contracting

    TranZact comes with an exclusive subcontracting module within its productionsolution. It is designed to help SME businesses manage their subcontracting projects with ease on a single cloud-based platform.

  • Work Order Management

    TranZact ERP Software for manufacturers enables managers to organize and trackthe real-time status of all their work orders and accelerate production cycles to increase revenue.

  • Production Planning

    TranZact"s production planning solution in ERP seamlessly integrates production,inventory, material requirements planning, and procurement to automate andenhance your production strategy and reduce production costs.

  • Production Progress

    Monitor your production planning and scheduling processes by organizing them into distinct stages, including planned, pending, work-in-progress (WIP), and completed.This ensures efficient coordination, timely updates, and better decision-making!

  • Scrap Tracking and Management

    With TranZact's ERP software for manufacturers, you can easily incorporate estimated scrap, adjust scrap quantities, allocate it to the reject store, or transfer it to alternative locations, all through a simple and digitized platform.

  • Finished Goods Costing

    Obtain accurate finished good costing information by instantly accessing thecombined raw material costs using the FIFO method. Additionally, you have the flexibility to include or exclude any "other charges" and "scrap cost" details from the calculation of finished goods cost.

  • Production Reports

    TranZact ERP software for manufacturers enables real-time production reporting by consolidating and analyzing data from various sources such as production orders,inventory, and resource utilization to give you quick insights on the go.

ERP Software for SME Manufacturers

As a cloud-based ERP for small business, TranZact is a zero-effort, automation tool digitizing the entire business cycle for an SME.

It's focused on the four core modules of a manufacturing business including sales, purchase, inventory & production, enabling them to become seamless & more efficient!

Oversee Sales & Purchases | Order fulfillment | GST e-invoicing integration | Production Efficiency | Specifically designed for SME Manufacturers

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Why TranZact Is The Best ERP Software & More

TranZact is easily accessible & does not demand any complex training sessions for learning how to operate it.

When compared to other ERP tools, it can be implemented quickly & used effortlessly by all employees in the organization!

Pricing Of ERP Software For Small Business

TranZact provides every inventory insight you want to know, that your Excel (or other traditional business tools) never told you!

If the sound of ERP, spells complex & unaffordable to you, don't worry! Not all ERPs have to be expensive & complex.

TranZact Pricing is affordable & will bring you the returns & efficiency that no excel or email system can ever provide!

Achieve Higher Profitability | Reduce Costs | Prevent Order Delays

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Fast-track Your Manufacturing Business With TranZact

The best production management system is adaptive, insightful & effortless.

  • Automation of end-to-end business operations

    By automating all critical and end-to-end business operations, TranZact emerges as the best ERP software for manufacturing companies in India.

  • Value-adding integrations

    It comes with Tally Integration, to enable easy accounting data flow. And is also integrated with Excel & other tools, thereby saving significant user time.

  • Made for Indian SME manufacturers

    TranZact is designed specifically for Indian SME manufacturers & is the best ERP for small business in India, with all functions of an ERP & a lot more!

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TranZact = Growth!

Manage Your Manufacturing Business Smartly With TranZact


Real-time Inventory Tracking & Insight.


Automated Production Management & Planning.


Easy Creation & Handling of Sales & Purchase Quotations.


Centralized Dashboard for all Sales & Purchase Transactions.


Effortless documentation for every manufacturing process


Oversee payments & send timely payment reminders.

Requirements Planning
Requirements Planning

Procure materials in time & optimize production.

Reports & Business Intelligence
Reports & Business Intelligence

Create 70+ reports & visualize key business data instantly.

Affordable Pricing. 10X Returns!


₹39,999 Per year, +18% GST
Billed Annually For Best Prices...


₹99,999 Per year, +18% GST
Billed Annually and Quarterly
For Best Prices...


₹1,99,999 Per year, +18% GST
Billed Annually and Quarterly For Best Prices...

TranZact Integrates With


Collaborate & sync with your team to work on Tally.



Connect TranZact with custom excel spreadsheets.



Provide the best logistics experience to all your customers!

See What Our Customers Say!

We have grown our production capacity, TranZact still manages without any lag. We operate everything on TranZact without having any worries. It is a must-have software for all sizes of enterprises.

Mr. Parth Thakkar
Polfrost Solutions.
Mr. Parth Thakkar

TranZact is a great software and it's helping us to streamline our production smoothly. The ability to manage and monitor everything in a single place has a significant impact on our daily productivity. Apart from their product, their onboarding and services teams are excellent, and we've enjoyed working with them at every stage.

Mr. Unmesh Wankhede
Cesare Bonetti India Pvt.Ltd.
Mr. Unmesh Wankhede

It's almost 3 years that we have been using TranZact for everything related to business; I'm still amazed how it has simplified our workflows that save time. I highly recommend TranZact if you are looking for more than just an ERP software.

Mr. Nilesh Shah
Modern Engineering and Springs Co.
Mr. Nilesh Shah

I find TranZact as the one-stop solution product to run the business smoothly. It is an intuitive and easy-to-use software, even my team uses on a daily basis to monitor business activities. Happy to use TranZact.

Mr. Chandru Motwani
Mr. Chandru Motwani

We understand you. We know your problems & we can help!

Sit back as we digitize you to become extraordinary.

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  • What are the types of ERP software?

    An ERP software solution for small business can be of the following types:
    A) Cloud-based ERP software
    B) On-premises ERP software
    C) Hybrid ERP software
    The cost of ERP for small business can vary based on which category it falls into. TranZact's cloud-based ERP tool starts with the best-in-market rates for a small manufacturing business. As a free ERP software for small business, TranZact offers a free sign up for all base modules, wherein you can explore the platform & start using it for free! Upgrade only when you're fully assured of the power TranZact brings to your business operations.

  • Which is the best ERP inventory management software?

    The best ERP software for manufacturers is one that operates in real time, integrates with inventory processes & is easy to use. For these reasons & more, TranZact is the best ERP inventory management software. It fully supports you in scaling your business & maximizing ROI! As the best ERP system for small business, TranZact supports you in accelerating decision-making & increasing productivity manifold. It can be implemented easily in only 7 days & is trusted by over 10,000+ Indian SMEs!

  • What are the benefits of a cloud ERP software?

    A cloud ERP software offers several benefits to SMEs like easy accessibility, real time inventory & production overview, cost-effectiveness, faster processing abilities, high data security & better scope for scalability.

  • What Is Manufacturing ERP Software?

    Manufacturing ERP software is an inclusive system designed specifically for themanufacturing industry to integrate and automate key business processes. It streamlines production planning, inventory management, supply chain management,and resource allocation. Manufacturing ERP software equips manufacturers to automate and optimize their operations, improve efficiency, and enhance overall productivity

  • What Is the difference between ERP and Manufacturing ERP software?

    ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is a comprehensive system thatintegrates various business functions across different industries, while Manufacturing ERP software is a specialized solution specifically designed for the manufacturing industry, providing industry-specific functionalities such as production planning, inventory management, and supply chain optimization to address the unique needsof manufacturing operations


TranZact is a team of IIT & IIM graduates who have developed a GST compliant, cloud-based, inventory management software for SME manufacturers. It digitizes your entire business operations, right from customer inquiry to dispatch. This also streamlines your Inventory, Purchase, Sales & Quotation management processes in a hassle-free user-friendly manner. The software is free to signup and gets implemented within a week.