Right Materials, Right Quantities,
Right Time.

With TranZact's MRP module, ensure optimal inventory levels & never fall short of critical raw materials.

Power Your Business With Only the Best MRP System

How much inventory is in stock, at what rate is it available, what quantities are blocked for production & how much does your team need to order? Know all that you need to, with a single cloud-based MRP tool.

  • Product Category MRP
  • Order Confirmation MRP
  • Process Based MRP
  • Finished Goods Based MRP
  • For requirements planning based on specific product categories.

  • Perfect for when you want to run MRP directly from your Order Confirmations.

  • An MRP method that is aligned with specific production plans & processes.

  • For when you have pre-identified quantities of finished goods, for which you need to run MRP.

For Purchase Planning That Will Never Fail You.

Smart MRP reports

Create MRP reports with real-time updates from the business intelligence & reporting dashboard.

Custom views

Generate MRP reports with custom column views & pre-set Minimum Stock Levels (MSL).

Live reordering alerts

Never be delayed on orders again. Get live notifications when it's time to replenish stocks.

Detailed but quick overview

View all details such as item ID, required quantity, blocked quantity, total ordered quantity, total inward goods pending to be tested, total price & more.

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  • Why is material resource planning important?

    Material Requirements Planning (MRP), also known as Material Resource Planning helps in assessing the optimum quantity of human & material resources needed for production orders as per demand. It includes evaluation of all the materials, components & subassemblies required to manufacture a certain product at the best price. An automated MRP system is crucial for business success as it provides reliable data, reduces operating costs & enhances product quality measurably.

  • What can I do with resource planning module in TranZact?

    TranZact's resource planning module is integrated with order management, purchases, inventory and production modules. This enables you to assess how much raw material you need based on a production process or product category, how much is available in your stock, how much is blocked & how much you need to procure. Therefore, you can plan your purchases effectively & ensure timely delivery at optimal costs.

  • Can I set up payment reminders for my transactions in TranZact?

    Yes, with the bell icon in the transactions module, you can schedule automated payment & delivery reminders for counterparties.

  • Can I print or export my transactions?

    Yes, you can print and export your transaction documents with TranZact, only in a few links.


TranZact is a team of IIT & IIM graduates who have developed a GST compliant, cloud-based, inventory management software for SME manufacturers. It digitizes your entire business operations, right from customer inquiry to dispatch. This also streamlines your Inventory, Purchase, Sales & Quotation management processes in a hassle-free user-friendly manner. The software is free to signup and gets implemented within a week.