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TranZact's Inventory Management Software is a comprehensive solution for managing orders, tracking inventory, handling GST billing, and overseeing warehouses. It is an all-in-one software for inventory operations

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TranZact Inventory for all SME Manufacturing and Trading Businesses

Inventory Tracking

With TranZact Inventory's batch tracking feature, you can keep track of all items, saleable goods, and even expiry dates. You can track and control inventory seamlessly by accessing a detailed overview of stock valuation, top-selling items, and top-bought items, all on a single dashboard.

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Order Management

Manage all of your sales and purchase transactions, manage bills and invoices, and track payments. TranZact Inventory also enables you to track shipments and deliveries, in order to ensure they are running as per schedule.

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Store Management

TranZact Inventory allows you to centrally manage your stock across different warehouses or stores. You can track inventory movements, transfer items between warehouses, and generate warehouse-specific reports.

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Barcode Scanning

TranZact Inventory's Barcode feature is compatible with various types of barcode scanners, making it easy to set up a barcode system and add SKUs, serial and batch numbers, and items to sales and purchase orders.

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Manage accounting on Tally or BUSY by integrating these applications with TranZact and keep track of goods delivery with AfterShip. TranZact also supports a wide range of other integrations to help you grow your business.

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Get insights into your inventory ageing, vendor payments, sales details, and inventory valuation with a variety of reports that can be easily generated, downloaded, and shared. For highly critical data points in reports that require immediate attention, TranZact provides WhatsApp alerts directly to your mobile device.

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Best Inventory Management Software For Manufacturers

  • Inventory management software demand

    Dynamic markets create the demand for an inventory management software that's cost-effective & reduces manual dependency.

  • TranZact for SMEs

    TranZact's inventory management software for small business, effectively meets key inventory requirements. It optimizes inventory control in a hassle-free & quick manner.

  • Seamless inventory tracking with barcoding

    It enables you to control every stage of the inventory movement process with ease & agility!

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Oversee Sales & Purchases | Order fulfillment | GST e-invoicing integration | Production Efficiency | Specifically designed for SME Manufacturers

Best Free Inventory Management Software for Manufacturers

TranZact provides every inventory insight you want to know, that your Excel (or other traditional business tools) never told you!

It's both intuitive & well-integrated across operations.

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What Makes TranZact The Best Inventory Management Software?

As a cloud-based software for inventory management in India, TranZact enables you to track raw material & product details with a single click, even when you are on the go!

With TranZact's inventory management software, you can

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Track goods & raw materials in your stores with ease

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Monitor excess stock & save significant working capital

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Automate purchase & re-ordering processes

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Control wastage of key resources like stockroom space

Why TranZact Is the Best GST-Compliant Inventory Management Software?

  • Save GSTINs and Save Time

    Allows you to save the GSTIN of customers and vendors, making it easier for you to file GST returns and maintain accurate tax records. On TranZact inventory, GSTINs can be automatically added to documents such as invoices, bills, sales orders, and purchase orders. This saves time, otherwise spent on manual entry of GSTINs. It also helps you to streamline the invoicing process with Tally and BUSY integration, and demonstrate transparency in business transactions.

  • Add HSN or SAC Codes

    TranZact enables you to add HSN or SAC codes for items or services sold to stay compliant with GST norms. TranZact will auto-fetch the applicable GST rate based on the HSN/SAC code, eliminating the need for manual dependencies. You can add HSN or SAC codes while adding items or services and select them when creating invoices or orders. TranZact ensures that correct and up-to-date HSN or SAC codes are applied, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring compliance with GST regulations.

  • Generate GST-Compliant Invoices Easily

    Create professional invoices that will enable you to receive payment on time and meet legal requirements. You can convert sales orders to invoices in a few simple steps and also get GST Sales and Purchase reports which are helpful during the filing of GSTIN. Once complete, invoice documents are shared with counterparties via professional emails. TranZact also supports e-invoice creation and processing that speeds up the invoicing and payment cycle and reduces payment delays.

  • Automated Tax Calculations

    The CGST, IGST, or SGST rates are calculated automatically when you generate a sales order or purchase order, saving you time and tedious calculations. TranZact calculates these GST rates quickly, based on the address of the counter-party added. This helps to free up employees from manual calculations, allowing them to focus on more value-added tasks. It builds trust and credibility with customers by ensuring accurate tax charges and avoiding disputes related to tax calculations.

  • Generate E-Way Bills

    While creating an invoice, you can also generate an E-Way Bill with all the details about the transport companies. Access and verify all the necessary information about e-way bills for each invoice, including the automatically calculated distance. Auto-fetch information for both Part A and Part B of the e-way bill and make necessary updates to specific fields. You can also customize settings for units of measurement and store inputs, and receive alerts for any missing details on invoices prior to generating e-way bills.

  • Create Delivery Challan

    The item information is automatically filled in when creating delivery challans in TranZact Inventory, which complies with all GST format standards. You can create and record delivery challans even when you are transferring goods internally. TranZact also displays 'in-draft' and 'cancelled' delivery challans, and allows you to save the challans offline on your system as PDFs. You can create delivery challans against service confirmations, and purchase return delivery challans as well.

Take Your Business To The Next Level With TranZact

Power your SME business with one of the best inventory management tools enabling seamless & error-free inventory cycles.

Achieve Higher Profitability | Reduce Costs | Prevent Order Delays

As an expert inventory management system, it comes with the following set of value-adding features:

  • Stock Level View Min/ Max Stock Levels
  • Stock Level Access to Multiple Stores
  • Stock Level Real-time Inventory Valuation
  • Stock Level Assess Rejected Inventory/ Dead Stock
  • Stock Level Negative Stock Restriction
  • Stock Level Barcode Tracking
  • Stock Level Auto Stock Adjustment
  • Stock Level Physical Stock Reconciliation

It's a highly-customizable tool, for data-driven decision-making & intelligent inventory analysis.

Worry no more, about inventory issues causing order delays.

TranZact is truly a one-stop solution for all your inventory problems!

TranZact = Growth!

Manage Your Manufacturing Business Smartly With TranZact


Real-time Inventory Tracking & Insight.


Automated Production Management & Planning.


Easy Creation & Handling of Sales & Purchase Quotations.


Centralized Dashboard for all Sales & Purchase Transactions.


Effortless documentation for every manufacturing process


Oversee payments & send timely payment reminders.

Requirements Planning
Requirements Planning

Procure materials in time & optimize production.

Reports & Business Intelligence
Reports & Business Intelligence

Create 70+ reports & visualize key business data instantly.

Affordable Pricing. 10X Returns!


₹39,999 Per year, +18% GST
Billed Annually For Best Prices...


₹99,999 Per year, +18% GST
Billed Annually and Quarterly
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₹1,99,999 Per year, +18% GST
Billed Annually and Quarterly For Best Prices...

TranZact Integrates With


Collaborate & sync with your team to work on Tally.



Connect TranZact with custom excel spreadsheets.



Provide the best logistics experience to all your customers!

See What Our Customers Say!

We have grown our production capacity, TranZact still manages without any lag. We operate everything on TranZact without having any worries. It is a must-have software for all sizes of enterprises.

Mr. Parth Thakkar
Polfrost Solutions.
Mr. Parth Thakkar

TranZact is a great software and it's helping us to streamline our production smoothly. The ability to manage and monitor everything in a single place has a significant impact on our daily productivity. Apart from their product, their onboarding and services teams are excellent, and we've enjoyed working with them at every stage.

Mr. Unmesh Wankhede
Cesare Bonetti India Pvt.Ltd.
Mr. Unmesh Wankhede

It's almost 3 years that we have been using TranZact for everything related to business; I'm still amazed how it has simplified our workflows that save time. I highly recommend TranZact if you are looking for more than just an ERP software.

Mr. Nilesh Shah
Modern Engineering and Springs Co.
Mr. Nilesh Shah

I find TranZact as the one-stop solution product to run the business smoothly. It is an intuitive and easy-to-use software, even my team uses on a daily basis to monitor business activities. Happy to use TranZact.

Mr. Chandru Motwani
Mr. Chandru Motwani

We understand you. We know your problems & we can help!

Sit back as we digitize you to become extraordinary.

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FAQs on Inventory Management Software

  • What is an inventory management software?

    An inventory management software is an automated system for tracking inventory levels, orders, sales & deliveries. It is used to ensure that production teams have the required inventory for production.

  • Which software is recommended for inventory management?

    It's recommended to use an inventory management software like TranZact that enables you to monitor & control stock levels in a hassle-free & quick manner. TranZact delivers this in a simple way & provides live insights on the status of every inventory item, in real-time.

  • Is TranZact free forever?

    All of TranZact's base modules are free forever. With this free inventory management software, you can use all base features for an unlimited free period. Explore TranZact & upgrade to the advanced features only when you're assured of the value it brings to your business. TranZact also provides a free demo to guide you on how to use all the features.

  • How to digitize your manufacturing business?

    To automate & digitize your manufacturing business, you simply need to upgrade your core processes in Sales, Purchase, Inventory & Production, to an end-to-end digitization software like TranZact.

  • Which is the best inventory management software for small businesses?

    By simplifying inventory tracking & inventory operations, TranZact emerges as the best inventory management software for a small business. It enables key approval layers & integrates all your purchase, sales & production requirements with the inventory practice of the business seamlessly.

  • How to choose the best inventory management system?

    Assess an inventory management software based on how well it enables you to track & organize your stock levels, in a cost-effective manner. It should enhance your ability to manage inventory & purchases seamlessly as required, with real-time indications of low stock across all stores.

  • Who can benefit from inventory management software?

    Inventory management software can benefit businesses of any size and industry that need to keep track of their inventory levels, sales, and orders. It can help improve efficiency, reduce errors, and save time and money.

  • What are the key features of inventory management software?

    Inventory management software typically includes features such as inventory, "tracking, order management, purchasing and receiving, stock level alerts, and", reporting and analytics. TranZact Inventory management software has additional, "features such as barcode scanning, batch tracking, and integrations with other", business software to enhance efficiency and productivity

  • How can I get started with inventory management software?

    To get started with inventory management software, you should research different, options and choose a software that fits your business needs. You can then input your, inventory data into the software and set up alerts for low stock levels or other, important events. It"s also important to train your staff on how to use the software, effectively.


TranZact is a team of IIT & IIM graduates who have developed a GST compliant, cloud-based, inventory management software for SME manufacturers. It digitizes your entire business operations, right from customer inquiry to dispatch. This also streamlines your Inventory, Purchase, Sales & Quotation management processes in a hassle-free user-friendly manner. The software is free to signup and gets implemented within a week.