Here’s how technology keeps manufacturing companies operating from a distance

It has been a year since the coronavirus outbreak, while some businesses have adapted to the new normal while some businesses are still waiting for things to get back to normal.

But that is not happening anytime soon, businesses should look for ways to change how they work. And the change must happen as fast as possible. Businesses and workers have to figure out a new way of life and work, including in labor-intensive industries.

That was the case at one of our advanced clients Prabhat Elastomers, a well-known name for Pipe Sealing PVC Pipes, Fittings, etc. When coronavirus was starting to take hold in India, it quickly became clear that the operating model of their business requires a change. They quickly implemented TranZact in 2 weeks and resumed their business operations and production. Proven and secure digital tools can make that transition easier.

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Here are three tips for managing operations from afar:  

1. Support the critical teams who are on site

To keep workers safe and comply with social distancing guidelines that urge people to stay at least six feet apart from one another, the number of onsite employees also needs to be reduced.

Only workers who absolutely must be in person to do their jobs should be there.

This will help protect employees who are there and keep the business operations running reliably. It’s critical you support them with safety equipment and use tools like digital video manager for the security of the site, and checking access badges, so you are clearly aware of who is on-site at all times.

2. Bring in proven and secure technology

This is where software makes all of the difference.

A cloud-based platform or software provides you a platform where you can collaborate with your team members and work easily. It also automates a lot of unnecessary data entry work so that your employees can give attention to other work that needs their thought process and research. It will also ensure that the employees working from home are actually working.

Remote business operations is a way to view your entire enterprise online so you have a full view of everything happening onsite with the data coming back to a remote operations center.

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3. Take advantage of virtual support

Technical service and support can also be performed remotely. This includes remote consultation and maintenance and video collaboration and troubleshooting. With a wearable device, workers can help the remote team identify issues and troubleshoot them in real time. If there’s a production problem, team members can access systems and work together to solve the matter remotely. This helps plant personnel perform essential tasks with the knowledge and insights required to do the job correctly and maintain operational up-time.

Way Forward

Digital effectiveness is key to staying ahead in today’s manufacturing environment. An emphasis on digital asset and process management will enable plant operating companies to achieve new levels of efficiency, productivity, and safety.

Currently many SMEs use different inventory management tools, a different tool for document creation, business insights. But in that case, a lot of data has to be shifted either manually or by uploading and that creates room for errors. Instead an integrated cloud platform that takes care of all business needs from customer inquiry to dispatch is what you need.

So Yes! You should make your business digital and now is the right time. Even after COVID second wave is over, there is still a chance of a third or fourth wave. So you can’t keep your business down for such a long time. Also a lot of your competitors maybe already have made their business digital. You sure don’t wanna be left behind.

Platforms like TranZact provide you with a real-time view of each and every order, as well as what stage of the process the order is in. You can check whether an order has just been received, shipped, or invoiced. It eliminates boring manual data processing and replaces it with automatic data updates. Inventory management makes your workflow more efficient by integrating all the data so you can track orders, prepare invoices, send customer notifications, and accept customer payments within one system.

All these steps will help you in maintaining social distancing in your firm. If you are keen to make your business digital, TranZact is here to help. Check it out today and sign up for more information.

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