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Producton Routing - Ultimate Guide for SMEs

By Team TranZact | Published on Oct 26, 2021

With the start of initiating a new business venture, the planning process begins and still achieving the ultimate goal of that venture, it continues, and then also it goes on till the end. So to help the people who are running this venture, the planning process gets divided into many phases. And accordingly to the different stages of activities present in a business. In the manufacturing businesses, the Production Planning and Control process is a necessary planning activity on which the whole organization focuses. Further in the production planning process, the Routing activity only maps out the entire action in the manufacturing process.

Additionally, with this ongoing pandemic situation where there is no guarantee of knowing about the future circumstances of lockdowns. The fixation of the entire production blueprint through routing can guarantee a smooth flow of the manufacturing process in the organization.

So the goal for you all is to know more about the Routing process through this article.

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Then we should begin by learning more about it from here 😃 😊 😍 .

What is Production Routing?

Production Routing is a process that helps in determining the path or route of work and the sequence of complete manufacturing activities. It is one of the first steps in the Production Planning and Control process.

The Routing process helps decide the quantity and quality of raw materials and other resources for the production process. Further, Routing only fixes the number of sequences and sub-sequences happening in the manufacturing operations.

So to summarise it's, the only process that answers for What, How much, and Where to produce questions.

Why is Routing needed in Production Planning and Control Process?

Routing helps in ascertaining the most suitable and most economical series of production relating to operational activities. Further, it assists in monitoring that this series of steps is getting followed in the production area.

Routing creates a plan which helps in the systematic conversion of raw materials into the final product. Additionally, it ensures the optimum utilization of all raw materials without using any extra time and effort of employees.

This process ensures the proper division of work between departments as per their specifications. Further, it provides for the Inventory Management needs with the help of the Bill of Materials (BOM)

Additionally, by BOMs, the routing process provides a blueprint for the workers and other employees in the production process. It makes their work easy without focusing on designing and other activities.

Further, with the help of BOMs, inventory management tools, systematic production planning, and scheduling, the organization controls its production and procurement costs. So these are some of the reasons why we need Routing in the Production Planning and Control process.

Way forward

So, to begin with, it is very much clear from this article that every manufacturing concern needs to involve the Routing process in its business planning process. And the purpose for doing so is to make things easy and optimum utilize all the resources in the organization.

For all these things to happen, the companies first need to make themselves digitalized. Because manually working will first invite more problems and not solve them. So to go digital, the companies and SMEs must start using automation software in their organization. And the purpose of using the software will be to automate all business processes for the firm.

Now for selecting the software for themselves, businesses and the persons in charge of managing it must consider all their requirements. Because they should choose software based on the needs, nature, and size of their operations.

They shall only go for a solution that satisfies all their requirements. If not available, go for another solution. For small and medium scale enterprises and manufacturing concerns, Tranzact is one such suitable software solution.

TranZact is a digital transformation tool and platform for SMEs to digitize business processes right, from customer inquiry to dispatch. It helps businesses in the Routing, Production Planning, Scheduling, and Control needs. Further, it helps manufacturing companies in their BOM preparation needs and effective Inventory Management of materials.

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