Inventory Visibility

Everything Inventory Visibility: What It Is, Why It Is Important and How to Improve It

By Team TranZact | Published on Jan 31, 2024

Running a manufacturing business needs a lot of attention, effort, and time. If you own a product-based brand, then you must already know the term inventory visibility. Inventory visibility is the availability of goods in your warehouse. Sometimes, there are excess goods, and sometimes, you run out of stock. To deal with such a challenge, inventory visibility and inventory management software comes into play.

What Is Inventory Visibility?

Inventory visibility definition helps you to check your inventory levels closely, in real-time. If you have control over your inventory, then your business will be more successful. You can fulfil the consumer’s demand at the right time, fill the stocks in a location where they are running out, and save money.

How Do You Monitor Inventory?

Businesses use inventory visibility and management techniques to check if they have the right quantity of inventory that can fulfil the customers’ demands. Regularly monitoring inventory decreases the chance of overstock and stockouts. Here are some methods you can use to monitor and control inventory.

1] Regular Manual Counts

Perform manual counts at regular intervals. This will help you update records based on the actual quantities at hand. Besides, this method is suitable for small businesses with manageable inventories.

2] Inventory Management Software

Take the help of inventory management software to track and manage inventory levels. You can also combine it with other systems, such as order fulfilment, purchasing, and accounting. An inventory visibility software solution can save a lot of time for you and make the task easy.

3] Inventory Perptual System

Using inventory perpetual system technologies such as barcodes, RFID, and scanners can give you real-time inventory visibility, besides, point-of-sale systems so that your inventory gets updated automatically. This method will be useful for large businesses that have higher volumes of transactions.

4] ABC Analysis


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