Market Network

Market Network TranZact

You can maximize return on your investment only by connecting with the best trading partners. At TranZact, we know your vision is precious. That’s why we bring to you a marketplace that bridges the gap between you and your vendors and customers.

Customer Profile

Identify data-backed profiles of customers who would actually buy from you.

Get Discovered

Make your brand more visible and generate potential leads using TranZact’s cloud-based business ecosystem.

Trusted Vendors

Verified recommendations and ratings determining the quality of vendors you work with.

01 Verified Recommendations

Get trustworthy recommendations and ratings of buyers and vendors on the TranZact platform, all of which are backed by data from real-time transactions.

02 Filtered Product Discovery

Discover a wide range of products to suit your business needs using the advanced search filtering option available on the TranZact platform.

03 Data-backed product selection

Establish the quality of the products you need by using the data from past transactions on the TranZact network. We ensure that everything you get is completely suitable for your business.

04 Quick RFQ issuance

Running behind suppliers for quotations can be a headache. Let TranZact automate the process for you by sending RFQs to multiple suppliers at a time on your behalf.

05 More buyers, more orders

With TranZact, discovering new buyers and getting more orders have become so much simpler for suppliers. Get your supply business skyrocketing with our platform today!

06 Increased Visibility

We feature a huge supply network, giving individual suppliers an opportunity to boost their visibility. Enlist your company and get free digital promotion on our platform.

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