Handing multi-level BOM became a breeze for Taurus Packaging with TranZact



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  • Lack of ticket tracking mechanism
  • Inadequate reporting
  • No SLA record


  • Parent Child Ticketing
  • Rules – Dispatcher, Supervisor, Observer
  • Canned responses
  • To Do list with reminder


Taurus Packaging capitalized on our cloud-based production management features on TranZact to completely transforming the way they worked with multiple suppliers and managed different assembly lines. Our team at TranZact crafted a highly flexible production module that follows a “centralized” approach to allow our client to manage all data and programs on centralized servers with remote access. TranZact brought advanced Material Resource Planning (MRP), barcode integration, and multi-level BOM automation features that let our client attain the level of control and diversity desired.

Incorporating advanced order management features and personalization toolset, TranZact’s production solution is a mix of techniques to run efficient manufacturing with the lowest possible overhead for production control.

Enter TranZact

Setco Chemicals then leveraged our cloud-based enterprise solutions on TranZact to bring about a huge transformation in their production and inventory management processes, end to end. What clicked them the most about our solution is its advanced barcoding system, which would streamline their batch production process and handle raw materials in an easy, accurate, and efficient manner.

Under our system, a unique product or an assembly of identical products exiting the same production site represents the batch numbers. They are usually identified by barcodes put on the products. The batch is marked with a supplier number or our clients’ own company numbers. We decided to sync Setco Chemicals’ existing database with TranZact and enable them to track their production and inventory status on their factory premises in real-time. Our team sought to usher in a double-entry management approach to handling lots and maintaining stocks that would empower our clients with advanced traceability. We wanted to ensure that our client is able to capture the correct product data and handle them in a universally compliant manner.


Taurus Packaging reaped incredible results after getting their business on the TranZact platform. Here’s what summarizes the achievements of our client:

  • Boosted customer satisfaction
  • Well-planned schedule order by order
  • Increased manufacturing speed and accuracy
  • Minimize manual errors by automation
  • Timely delivery of  orders
  • Reduced inventory levels and shortages
  • Quick access to critical information quickly to make better decisions

With TranZact’s production solution, the production processes of our client became much more coordinated, collaborative, and streamlined, which enabled them to enhance their ability to create value.

Here's why our customers choose us

I find TranZact as the one-stop solution product to run the business smoothly. It’s an intuitive and easy-to-use software, even my team uses on a daily basis to monitor business activities. Happy to use TranZact.


I was using another ERP software but made a switch to TranZact after seeing all the powerful features of it. I am impressed with their dedicated onboarding team, they made sure that we go live in the set time frame without any hassle. All in all, it’s the investment that’s paying off very well


It’s more than a year that we’ve been using TranZact for everything related to business; I’m still amazed how it has simplified our workforces that save time. I highly recommend TranZact if you are looking for more than just an ERP software


The remarkable thing about TranZact is, it has removed the communication gap among the different departments, miscommunication between our counter-parties, and has made production planning simple.


We have grown our production capacity, TranZact still manages without any lag. We operate everything on TranZact without having any worries. It is a must-have software for all sizes of enterprises.


I would definitely recommend TranZact. From our very first interaction through our hassle-free onboarding and now with their support team, it’s always a great experience. It’s an excellent software and I’m glad we chose TranZact.


TranZact is a great software and it’s helping us to streamline our production smoothly.  The ability to manage and monitor everything in a single place has a significant impact on our daily productivity. Apart from their product, their onboarding and services teams are excellent, and we’ve enjoyed working with them at every stage.


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