Atomberg Technologies saw their multi-location inventory management transform with TranZact



Electrical & Electronics


Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra


  • Streamlining manufacturing
  • Maintaining purchase schedules
  • Raw material management


  • Cloud-based Material Requirement Planning (MRP)
  • Production management
  • Inventory data scheduling


Atomberg Technologies was founded on 17th April, 2012, and since then they have been operating multiple stores and warehouses across various locations of the country. Monitoring inventory levels at each of these locations, an imbalance between material purchase and production, products stockpiling in locations, and seasonal fluctuations in demand are challenges that the organization faced as it expanded over the years. In such a situation, Atomberg Technologies sought a solution that would bring inventory data from multiple locations on one interface and help them plan their entire business in a better way.

Enter TranZact

Atomberg Technologies took advantage of our cloud-based inventory management features on TranZact to completely transforming the way processes were conducted at their multiple warehouses. Our inventory management solution brought advanced multiple location tracking features and barcode integration that let our client handle raw materials in an easy, accurate, and efficient manner. Our team at TranZact concocted a platform that created stock transfer documents for stock in-transit between their warehouses, handled purchase orders for receiving stock into a specific warehouse, generated location reports, and kept a tab on their inventory.


Owing to its advanced, feature-rich platform, TranZact proved to be an enterprise partner that scaled with Atomberg Technologies. We could completely streamline their inventory management process and bring their warehouse right to their computer screen, thereby improving visibility, transparency, and security of information across multiple locations.

With TranZact’s inventory management solutions, our client could do the following:

  • View each warehouse in each location and the level of inventory each has.
  • Find locations that are profitable and which location should have their inventory to maximize sales and improve customer service.
  • Compute and analyze inventory valuation, sales, parts, and quantities by location.
  • Discover seasonal and location-based trends in demand.

With processes at the warehouse getting streamlined, our client could meet quality regulations mandated by authorities. They have been able to serve their customers much better and carve a niche for themselves in a highly competitive business realm of electrical and electronics.

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I find TranZact as the one-stop solution product to run the business smoothly. It’s an intuitive and easy-to-use software, even my team uses on a daily basis to monitor business activities. Happy to use TranZact.


I was using another ERP software but made a switch to TranZact after seeing all the powerful features of it. I am impressed with their dedicated onboarding team, they made sure that we go live in the set time frame without any hassle. All in all, it’s the investment that’s paying off very well


It’s more than a year that we’ve been using TranZact for everything related to business; I’m still amazed how it has simplified our workforces that save time. I highly recommend TranZact if you are looking for more than just an ERP software


The remarkable thing about TranZact is, it has removed the communication gap among the different departments, miscommunication between our counter-parties, and has made production planning simple.


We have grown our production capacity, TranZact still manages without any lag. We operate everything on TranZact without having any worries. It is a must-have software for all sizes of enterprises.


I would definitely recommend TranZact. From our very first interaction through our hassle-free onboarding and now with their support team, it’s always a great experience. It’s an excellent software and I’m glad we chose TranZact.


TranZact is a great software and it’s helping us to streamline our production smoothly.  The ability to manage and monitor everything in a single place has a significant impact on our daily productivity. Apart from their product, their onboarding and services teams are excellent, and we’ve enjoyed working with them at every stage.


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