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Last week on the GST Portal, an update headline showed up on the homepage. According to this update, the taxpayers are getting relief from the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC).

Now you all may be questioning what this update headline is?

So, here it is on 23rd November 2021. The CBIC has notified an announcement regarding the registration of Cancellation Form REG-16 on the GST portal.

According to this announcement, the Taxpayers can now withdraw their application for Cancellation of their own GST Registration (applied through Form REG-16) unless the Tax officials have initiated any action on it.

Before jumping down to any conclusion. Let’s learn about this Form REG-16 and its use?

What is GST Form REG-16?

The Form REG-16 is a GST Form that gets used for the Cancellation of Registration on the GST Portal. The Registered Person can file for cancellation application through Form GST REG-16 in the following cases –

GST Registration Cancellation
  1. In the case of closure or discontinuation of the registered business.
  2. In the case of change in the constitution of business resulting into the change of PAN.
  3. The registered person is not liable to pay tax under GST.
  4. The registered person is not required to register under GST.
  5. In the case when after obtaining voluntary registration, the registered person didn’t commence the business within the stipulated time.
  6. In the case of Transfer of business on account of Amalgamation or De-Merger or Sale.

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So, if the registered person qualifies for any of these conditions, then, they can file for the cancellation electronically through the GST portal. Further, the proper GST Officer will process the application if found accurate. Then, the proper officer will issue a cancellation order in Form GST REG-16. According to the GST Act, the GST Officials have to issue the cancellation order in 30 days from the date of filing of the application.

Withdrawal of Application for Cancellation of GST Registration.

So as per the new notification of CBIC on GST Portal, the registrants can now withdraw their application of Cancellation of GST Registration through Form REG-16. But the only condition here to satisfy is that the GST Officials have not taken any action on the Application form.

Therefore, before applying for the withdrawal of application the Registrants may have to track the status of the cancellation application.

So, to help you all out here is the Steps for checking the status of the cancellation application –

  1. Visit site https://www.gst.gov.in/,
  2. Click the ‘Login’ icon and enter appropriate Login credentials,
  3. Navigate the following path: Services > Registration > Track Application Status
  4. Enter ARN.

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