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Nov 30, 2021 in ERP for SME Manufacturers



Nowadays, in the Indian Market business sector Tally, has become a Household name. Every small business and the big corporation has somewhat agreed on the usage of Tally software products in their business. And it has also become a standard for recruiting Accountants for any business that they know Tally’s Accounting or not, just like the usage of MIS and MS Excel and other products.

So as Tally has become so necessary in our daily usage, it’s a requirement for you all people who are involved in this Indian business environment to know about it. And to help you all out, we have made one comprehensive list here of Tally Shortcut Keys to make your work on Tally easy, fast and efficient.

List of Tally Shortcut Keys in Tally Prime

Shortcut KeysFunction
F1Selects a company.
F2Change the Date of selected menu or voucher.
F3 (Ctrl + F3)Shuts down a company
F4Opens a Contra voucher
F5Opens the Payments voucher.
F6Opens the Receipt voucher.
F7Opens the Journal voucher.
F8Opens the Sales voucher.
F9Opens the Purchase voucher.
F10Opens the Memorandum/ Reversing Journal Voucher.
F11Opens the Features section on Tally.
F12Opens the Configuration Screen on Tally.
Ctrl + F8Opens the Credit Note Voucher.
Ctrl + F9Opens the Debit Note Voucher.
Ctrl + Up/DownMoves the first or last menu in a section
Ctrl+ Left/RightMoves to the left-most or right-most drop-down top menu
Ctrl + Alt + RRewrites the data
Ctrl + Alt +BViews the build information
Ctrl + Alt + TViews TDL/Add-on details
Ctrl + AAccepts or saves a screen
Ctrl + EndMoves to the last field or last line
Ctrl + HomeMoves to the first field or first line
Ctrl + NOpens or hide calculator panel
Ctrl + QExits a screen or the application
Ctrl + RRemoves an entry from a report
Ctrl + UShows the last hidden line (When multiple lines are hidden, pressing this key repeatedly will restore the last hidden line first and follow the sequence)
Ctrl + EnterAlters a master during voucher entry or from drill-down of a report
Ctrl + SpacebarSelects or deselects all lines in a report
Ctrl + Shift + EndSelects or deselects lines till the end
Ctrl + Shift + HomeSelects or deselects lines till the top
Ctrl + Alt + IInverts selection of line items in a report
Ctrl + DRemoves item/ledger line in a voucher
Ctrl + Alt + CCopies the Text for an input area.
Ctrl + Alt + VPastes the Input copied to assigned area.
Ctrl + F4Opens Payroll voucher
Ctrl + F5Opens Rejection Inventory IN voucher
Ctrl + F6Opens Rejection Inventory Out voucher
Ctrl + TMarks a Voucher as Post-Dated
Alt + 2Duplicate a voucher from list of vouchers
Alt + DDelete a voucher/master
Alt + CCreate a master from a voucher
Alt + IInsert a voucher in between the vouchers
Alt + XCancel voucher in day book / list of vouchers
Alt + PPrint a report, voucher, etc
Alt + EExport details in Excel, HTML or XML format
Alt + NView the report in automatic columns
Alt + RRemove / hide the line in a report
Alt + MSend emails
Alt + GSelect the language configuration
Alt + KSelect the keyboard configuration
Alt + URetrieve the last line which was deleted using Alt+R
Alt + LLogin as remote tally.net user
Alt + HAccess context sensitive help
Alt + ZZoom in to the print preview to 100% screen
Alt + EnterView the voucher display
Alt + F1Close a company, to view a report in detail
Alt + F2Change the report period
Alt + F3Go to company info
Al t+ F4Disconnects the company from Tally.Net server
Ctrl +Alt+ RRewrite data for a company
SHIFT + ENTERCollapse next Level Details

List of Keys for Menu Navigation

The type of keys used for the navigation in the Tally Menu and the Gateway page are known as Hot Keys. So, it is a plus point is that you don’t need to select a menu instead of just use hot keys. Further, you can easily navigate to the desired menu option. Without any difficulty, one can trace hot keys in Tally.

So, in the following picture the keys that are highlighted are the Hot Keys and you can use them to navigate in Tally.

List of keys for menu navigation

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Way Forward

With the use of these Tally shortcut keys, you can make your work on Tally software easy. Further, with its help, you can work at a lesser time than you used to take earlier.

Also, Tally is helping you all mostly in your accounting works. But businesses have many more core activities to handle, and for this, you may use much different software. So, instead of using multiple software for your various needs. You can go to a software solution that solves all your problems. And is appropriate for your business nature to provide an integration feature. So, you can use Tally with it without any extra effort. So TranZact is one such software product.

TranZact is a zero-effort digital transformation tool and platform for SMEs to digitize business processes right, from customer inquiry to dispatch. Its tally integration will also help you to easily work on both platforms without duplication of your effort.

Further, the organizations must choose TranZact or any other software only when it meets all their requirements. They should check whether it is suitable for their business size and nature. And if the software satisfies all these conditions. Then only should implement it in their organization.


TranZact is a team of IIT & IIM graduates who have developed a GST compliant, cloud-based, inventory management software for SME manufacturers. It digitizes your entire business operations, right from customer inquiry to dispatch. This also streamlines your Inventory, Purchase, Sales & Quotation management processes in a hassle-free user-friendly manner. The software is free to signup and gets implemented within a week.