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May 18, 2021 in Digital


Data security on Cloud

It is not always easy for an SME owner to trust the cloud services for their data storage. I have seen many people who doubt the security measures of cloud. In this article, I am going to discuss about the insecurities that SME owners usually face while using cloud services.

Why are SME owners concerned with cloud security?

Data security in Cloud technology

Well because it is not typically in their hands. When you store a data into the cloud, it is stored in some server of the cloud service provider, which is situated may be in another nation, or may be even in another continent. Moreover, the data which is being stored over there, is in the hands of some third party organisation. Let’s say, the cloud can be Google drive in some case, or icloud in some other case, and irrespective of the organisation, now your data is kept with some other company.

Now, you have got no other chance apart from trusting their security services. A lot of times, being an SME owner, makes it risky to trust such services. Whether you send the data automatically (think apps that sync to the cloud) or you upload photos to social media, the end result is that it’s all there somewhere being logged and stored. So its pretty much clear, that in some or the other way, it is not in your direct control.

What are the potential risks of the data stored in the cloud?

Now that you know, data is being stored at some other place, so there are a lot of risks involved. Let’s analyse what sort of risks are involved in such kind of data storages.

  1. The first and the foremost risk of such storage is, Privacy. Each year, the government agencies, few investigation agencies and many more independent entities, request data from these cloud service providers. Whether they would handle the information to the other party is upto the company which is providing the service. It depends upon the situation, so you can't be dead sure that your data is basically kept a secret.
  2. Some people would say, they have nothing to hide, and they are not committing any crime such that they would consider keeping things private. For those guys, let me tell you, may be its not important for you, but the same service is being accessed by a lot of people who might be having dire need of privacy. So as per my opinion, digital privacy is a need and a fundamental right as well. You might not be doing anything sinful, but that doesn’t end the need of having some basic privacy feature in the cloud services.

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What are the benefits of cloud services as an SME owner?

On the flip side, let’s talk about the benefits of the cloud services. If you count on the negative aspects, may be its just a handful of points. But on the other hand, there are numerous benefits of cloud storage. It is actually an added backup option which can help you a lot when your primary device gets stolen, or it gets damaged due to some accident. Cloud storages, are usually very heavily protected and any random hacker won’t be able to penetrate its security. Your mobile phone or your PC/laptop has a lot more vulnerability to cyber-attacks than any cloud server can ever have.

Second biggest benefit of cloud storage is, having more economic feasibility than purchasing new hard disks every time you require some extra storage. Let’s consider the fact that how much per month Google or Microsoft cloud services are charging you for the storage they are giving you. And now, on the contrary, just think of how much money you would have to pump in, to purchase those many USBs and SSD drives and hard disks. I bet, the latter amount is much more higher. So in this sense, ease of access is far more in cloud services, than in your local storage devices.

So, what is the final verdict if you are an SME owner?

if you are an SME owner, then I have few points as suggestion for cloud safety. It is no doubt a great idea, with a lot more security than the storages which you are using locally. But then, since it is being stored into a third party server, you need to be extra cautious while storing anything which is sensitive and private. My personal recommendation for cloud storage for better safety is

  1. Enable 2 factor authentication.
  2. Change passwords frequently.
  3. Choose a strong password, the strength of the password should be considerably high.

So that was a brief article regarding cloud safety and security concerns. Here at tranzact, we do consider your concern regarding cloud safety. There is no doubt TranZact has a great digital security infrastructure, do try it once. Stay tuned, this is Ayush, signing off here, to meet you next time.

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